Activities are assigned to a Line Area and if configured to do so can be automatically synchronised with Activities on other Line Areas within the same Line.  If a change is made to the Activity such as changing the Start or Product, this change is automatically synchronised across all Line Areas within the same Line for linked Activities.

Activities can be of type:

All Activities have a Start, Duration and Finish, as well as an Activity Status and optional Batch value.  The actual term for Batch is configured within the Administration application.  For a Production Activity a Product must also be assigned, and a Planned Quantity for this Product can be entered.  

The Start of an Activity can be Anchored so that it will only move if it is manually changed.  This Activity is referred to as an Anchored Activity.  An Activity cannot be inserted or changed within a period where an Anchored Activity exists.

Activities  that are not Anchored, known as Unanchored Activities, move automatically in accordance with changes made to the Production Schedule.  An Activity can be inserted or changed within a period where an Unanchored Activity exists and this Unanchored Activity will move automatically to accommodate this change.

Anchored Activities can also performing a Blocking function in which case all future Unanchored Activities will only move back to the Blocking Anchor and no further.

Activity Status

The Activity Status of an Activity defines how that Activity behaves, and the options available when inserting or changing an Activity.

An Activity can have a status of either:

Activities with an Activity Status of Scheduled, Current or Completed behave differently to those with an Activity Status of Closed and Signed Off.