The esCollate software provides real-time data capture and feedback to the factory team, establishing solid platform for streamlining processes and engaging factory employees.

The esCollate system is made up of the following applications:

The Factory Client Application

The Factory Client application is the “point of manufacture” interface designed to meet the needs of plant operators and provide objective information on production output.  The Factory Client application provides plant operators with features that include:

The Production Scheduler Application

The Production Scheduler provides the ability to both prepare schedules that are displayed on the Factory Client application and to review the actual production activity that is logged by the Factory Client application.  The Production Scheduler application also provides functionality to import and export Activity and to manage Shift Pattern and Overtime Shift that are selectable through the Factory Client application.

The Reports Applications

The Reports application provides the facility to report on production activity and plant performance.  A range of standard reports are provided, including OEE analysis.  Further reports can be developed as required.

The Administration Application

The Administration application provides the System Administrator with the ability to maintain the configuration of the esCollate system, for example to add a new Line, Product or Down Time Event definition.