Import Production Schedule

Activities can be imported directly into the Production Scheduler application from .csv file format.  This facility may operate in accordance with customised field mapping if configured to do so.  For more specific information regarding the import of a Production Schedule please refer to the esCollate Importing and Exporting Data document.

Please note: the import of Activities can affect large amounts of information and it is strongly recommended that an export is performed before importing to save the current state.

Please note: all existing Activities within the Import period will be removed and replaced with Activities that have been successfully imported.

Activities are imported from the Activities tab on List View and can only be imported for the current or future time.  To import Activities select the Activity or Unassigned period that the import is to be performed from and then select [ Import / Export ] and [ Import ].  Locate the schedule to be imported and select [ OK ] to initiate the import.  Further options are to import to all Line Areas and to view the Import Log file for the import results.

The following rules are applied to Activities that are imported: