Inserting, Changing and Removing Activities

Inserting an Activity

An Activity can be inserted within an Unassigned Period and over the top of an Unanchored Activity moving this Activity to a later time.  An Activity cannot be inserted within an Unavailable Period or over the top of an Anchored Activity.

When inserting an Activity the Start and Finish will default to the currently selected range.  For example, if an Unassigned Period is selected the new Activities Start and Finish will default to this period's Start and Finish.  This period can however be changed to a new value within the Available Range.

Please note: The very first Activity inserted into a Line Area is always Anchored.  Removing this first Activity will mark the next Activity as Anchored if it is not already.

Changing an Activity

To change an Activity select the Activity to be changed and then select [ Activity Options ] and [ Change Activity ].  Make the changes as appropriate and select [ Save ] to record the changes.

Removing an Activity

To remove an Activity select the Activity or one of its parts and then select [ Remove ].  If an Activity part is selected and then [ Remove ], all parts will be removed.  Answer [ Yes ] to the confirmation “Are you sure you want to remove (all parts of) the Activity?”