Part Activities

About Part Activities

Please note: The behaviour described in this section refers to
Activities with an Activity Status of Scheduled, Current or Completed only.

In situations where there is not enough space to accommodate an Activity in a single period, the Activity is divided into a series of Part Activities.    

Each Part Activity is displayed as a portion of the whole Activity, for example 3/5 being the third part of the five parts that make up the Activity.

Where a series of Part Activities are created only the Start (of the first part) and Duration of the whole Activity can be changed.  The Start and Duration of other parts are automatically calculated in accordance with the available space when the change is made.

It is not possible to insert an Activity into a period occupied by a Part Activity by selecting the Activity part.  It is however possible to insert an Activity in front of the whole Activity by selecting the first part of the whole Activity.  

If an Activity is required to be inserted at the Start of a Part Activity, the Activity parts must first be separated into individual Activities.]\

Viewing Parts

If an Activity has been divided into parts, all parts can be viewed by selecting one part and then  selecting [ View Parts ].  It is possible to move to any part by selecting that part and then [ Move To ].

Separating Parts

If an Activity has been divided into parts, it is possible to separate parts and therefore divide the one Activity into two.  To do this, select the part where the separation should occur and the select [ Activity Parts ] and [ Separate Parts ].  This will make the Start of the selected part the Start of the new Activity.