Standard Shifts

Creating Standard Shifts

Standard Shifts are created in accordance with the Shift Pattern Schedule.  To create Standard Shifts select [ Create Shifts ] from the Shifts screen to display the Create Shifts screen.  Select [ Create Shifts To ] to display the date selector and enter the appropriate date.  Select [ Line ] to toggle between creating Shifts for the Line selected within the Filter Area or for All Lines.  Select [ Create ] to create the new Shifts.

Adjusting a Standard Shift

A Standard Shift can be adjusted to reflect the actual Start or Finish time.  This function is designed to make small adjustments to an existing Shift.  The Custom Shift function (described in the following section) should be used to create an entirely new Shift.

Adjusting a Standard Shift is possible in accordance with the following rules:

The Available Range for both the Start and Finish of the Shift is displayed at the bottom left of the Adjust Shift screen.  Available Range values are calculated by the lesser of:

To adjust a Standard Shift select the Shift to be adjusted and then [ Adjust Shift ].  Establish the appropriate Start and Finish values within the Available Range specified and select [ Save ] to record the adjustment.

Once a Standard Shift has been adjusted the Shift Type automatically changes to Adjusted.