Motivate your team
Motivate & Engage

esCollate™ motivates and engages factory employees by providing real-time productivity feedback on local, individually set targets.

Integrated messaging supports high visibility, structured communication between factory employees, front line managers and senior leadership.

The outcome is improved participation by factory employees on the common goal of productivity improvement.

Streamlined Process
Streamlined Process

esCollate™ streamlines the flow of information with:

– two way, real-time production scheduling
– real-time collection and reporting of down time, and
– full OEE and custom metrics.

Automated and custom event logging and the display of key production documentation allows for paperwork to be eliminated from the factory floor.

Innovative Design
Innovative Design

esCollate™ is a purpose built suite of applications.  Configuration is code free, delivering fast implementation and customer managed maintenance.

All configuration is done using the esCollate™ Administration application, from modelling production facilities to the loading of shift patterns and specific product data.

Complete Solution
Complete Solution

Improving productivity requires both a successful software installation and the provision of appropriate services.

A workplace review will identify key requirements and opportunities.  Training and coaching of front line managers on motivation and engagement in the workplace will further enhance the organisations ability to effectively implement change.

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